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reelport FRANCE

Established in early 2013, Reelport France is the French arm of Cologne-based Reelport GmbH.

The aim of Reelport France is to strengthen the activities of the mother-company on the French market. Together, Reelport France and Reelport GmbH jointly run:
. Reelport www.reelport.com, the largest short films submission platform for festivals in Europe
. PicturePipe www.picturepipe.net, a White Label VoD service used by Cinando, Ventana Sur, MIPDoc and MIPJunior, the Austrian Film Archive, world sales agents, public libraries, etc.
. Europe’s Finest www.finest-film.com, the first and largest offer of European film classics for digital cinemas in Europe
To mention a few examples, Reelport is the technical service provider for Cinando, Ventana Sur, Abu Dhabi FF, Cannes Short Film Corner & Doc Corner, MIPDoc and MIPJunior, and many others festivals and film markets.

For more information, please contact info[a]reelport.fr

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